Single 3rd – This Too Shall Pass (Lyric)

MARCH 31, 2016 by BDLZ


I’m trying harder now to forget you
You’re sweet I admit
But i can’t get through
I’m a free bird flying in the air
Can’t stay on the ground
Go with your life
and I’ll go with mine
Just don’t be sad

I need to see the sun rise
I miss feelin the real life
This too shall pass
Don’t wanna get back
I’m ready now baby
I’m not going back to you

I don’t know what to do
I don’t know what to say
The more i run away
The more i feel closer to you
Through the years
i’ve shed my tears
Even tough i know you’re here
(We both pretended that we couldn’t careless)
We want to heal our broken heart
Even tough we can’t survive
Stand with a clear mind
I know we’ll be fine..

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Written by Dina Dellyana

Prod. by Grahadea Kusuf
Vocals by Amandia Syachridar

Backing Vocals and Vocals Arrangement Ayoe Purnamasari
Vocals recorded at Aru Studio by Gun

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